RFID solution for Cabin Emergency Equipment inspections

    • A320 family
    • A330/A340 family
    • A350 XWB
    • A380


    SmartCheck is the AIRBUS RFID solution for fast digital inspection of cabin life vests and emergency equipment.


    SmartCheck improves your maintenance activities in terms of workload, quality and safety thanks to the use of RFID technology

    AIRBUS Interiors Services offers an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved automated inspection process and tool for aviation emergency equipment. This includes life vests, O2 generators or containers and loose safety items like fire extinguishers, medical kits, portable breathing equipment ...

    We take decades-old processes and replace them with our accredited RFID-based solution. It helps maintenance teams and aircraft crew to better manage the lifecycle of their equipment and achieve compliance of their fleet.


    • Presence check: Thanks to our RFID technology, make sure your equipment is present and correct. You can track equipment’s location and moves in and out of the aircraft in a blink of eye (less than 2 minutes for an A320, less than 4 minutes for an A350).
    • Serviceability: Quickly find out which assets are serviceable, which are missing, nearing expiry, already expired or tampered with.
    • Security: Improve security check compliance. Use our solution to check that bins, life vests pouches, compartments and other areas where equipment is stored have not been opened or tampered with.
    • Step by step and evolutive: Start with life vests presence and expiry checks then expand to other equipment or embrace global emergency equipment automated tracking. It's up to you and we'll support you in all the process steps.


    SmartCheck has been created in a partnership between AIRBUS Interiors Services (AIS) and Fujitsu-Globeranger to accelerate and improve inspection routines, scheduled maintenance and other daily operational tasks.


    With SmartCheck you can already benefits from an accredited cross fleet and evolutive OEM grade RFID solution which combines the aviation expertise of AIRBUS Interiors Services and Fujitsu's highest software and service standards in the world.